Kitten chasing ballChoosing cat toys

Cats are very intelligent pets that need stimulation and need to be kept busy. If not, cats can get bored – and that’s when they become mischievous and can get into trouble. Of course, you can’t spend all your time with your kitty. That’s why you’ll want to have on hand some great cat toys that your cat will want to play with.

In choosing toys for your kitty, start by:

  1. Learning how to spot potentially harmful toys.
  2. Observing your cat to find out HOW he/she likes to play.
  3. Considering the different types of toys available and choosing the best toys
    for your kitty.

Also read Simply the best cat toys for suggestions and for cool toys you can make at home!

Me-Yow TubeChoose the best CAT TOYS for your feline. Watch our video:

Scan this QR code to watch "Choosing the right cat toys" video on your smartphone!Choosing the right cat toys is more than a game of cat & mouse.

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There is one other way to keep your kitty occupied and entertained. Consider getting your kitty a friend. Cats are social creatures, and by having two cats, your kitty will always have someone to play with! For information on cat adoptions, go to Adopting a kitty.