Pain management for cats

Today there is no reason for any pet to be in pain. Studies show that in pets even short-term pain, left untreated, leads to increased pain sensitivity, anxiety and fear. Chronic or persistent pain can delay healing, reduce appetite and activity level, compromise your pet’s immune system and affect your cat’s overall health and wellbeing.

At The Cat Practice:

  • If your cat is being treated for a condition or illness, in all cases, pain management will be part of this treatment.

  • If your cat is being seen for a procedure or for surgery, pain medications are administered through a patch placed on the skin, by injection, through an IV, orally or topically in a cream.

We take pain management very seriously, and want your cat to be comfortable before, during and after any procedure. See What every Feline Family should know: Recognizing and treating pain in
your cat.

In all cases, our goal is a pain-free, but alert cat. We make sure that the type of pain medication chosen for your cat is the most appropriate based on his/her condition, what your cat is being treated for, level of pain and age.

To insure that your cat continues being comfortable after discharge, in some cases, we will ask you to continue administering pain medications at home. We will help you choose a medication that is easy to administer while providing your kitty with the maximum level of comfort.

Me-Yow TubeHow to give your
kitty medicine.  Watch our video:

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liquids and pills.

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