Veterinarians / staff


Dr. HoulihanDr. Cindy Houlihan, DVM, Owner (with TCP since 1987)

B.S. in Microbiology, Michigan State University; DVM, Michigan State University

Special interests: Developing close and respectful relationships with my feline patients and the people who love them.

Pets: Cats Oreo and Ice Cream. Oreo loves everyone (especially my daughter!) and enjoys being a demonstration kitty on TV and at school science day. He also likes riding in doll carriages, playing dress up, and taking showers with my daughter.

Days off:

Dr. Ann Callahan, DVM (with TCP since 2008)

B.S. and DVM, Michigan State University.

Special interests: Feline skin allergies, heart disease, internal medicine and feline behavior.

Pets: Asti, a senior-age cockatiel.

Days off: Spends time with twin daughters and son; staying active and fit.

Veterinary Specialists

Dr. Gumbs performs surgery.Dr. John Gumbs, DVM, Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Gumbs has performed numerous orthopedic procedures and surgeries including correction of angular limb deformity, luxation repairs, hip replacement, cruciate ligament repairs and fracture repairs. He is available at The Cat Practice by appointment.

Dr. Gumbs performing surgery.

Hospital Manager

Joel LaBoJoel LaBo, Hospital Manager (with TCP since 2000)

B. S., Hospitality Management, Ferris State University; B.S., Information Systems, Madonna University

Special interests:

Pets: Cats Oreo and Ice Cream.

Days off:

Veterinary Nurses

What is a veterinary nurse? Some of our staff have the designation “veterinary nurse” after their names. A veterinary nurse is a veterinary professional who is an important part of our patient care teams at The Cat Practice. Our veterinary nurses recheck patients, monitor patients chronic conditions, conduct physical exams, administer medication, check pets’ vital signs, obtain patient samples for analysis, run lab tests, educate pet families about pet care, and more. Veterinary nurses must obtain extensive state-regulated training and education to work in a clinical setting.

Dawn Hamill, Head Veterinary Nurse / Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT) (with TCP since 1990)

Dawn HamillLVT, Macomb Community College; Culinary courses, Schoolcraft College

Special interests: Dentistry, one of the biggest problems kitties experience that is, in most cases, preventable and treatable. Cats suffer a lot of pain with this. Also an advocate for enrichment of cats’ environment. Many people think cats are just fine left alone all day, but they are not, and suffer boredom and can become depressed and destructive. I am spreading the word to feline families -- what can you do to make your cat's life happier?

Pets: Ute and Ari, buff tabby cats that like vacuuming, catching spiders, chewing on every cord in the house, traveling, entertaining guests, swimming in toilets and praying. They catch, dance, jump through hoops. I bought them strollers and harnesses; we even walk outside in the winter!

Days off: Gardening, skiing, hiking, cooking, traveling and home renovating.

Laura KramekLaura Kramek, Veterinary Nurse, Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT) & Hospice Nurse (with TCP since 1993)

LVT, Michigan State University

Special interests: Geriatric pets and pet end of life care; pet hospice and helping pet families know their options.

Pets: Brother cats Epoisses, an orange tabby cat and Pinot, a brown tabby cat. Epoisses likes to ride around on shoulders! Pinot loves boxes.

Days off: Gardening, cooking- especially baking, and singing.

Maria Glencer, Veterinary Nurse, Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT) (with TCP since 2005)

LVT, Macomb Community College

Special interests:

Pets: Pepper, a tortie cat; Whiskers, a black & white cat; Amelia, a black cat and Wheezie, a Cairn Terrier mix.

Days off:

Gen PerianGen Perian, Veterinary Nurse, Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT) (with TCP
since 1990)

Special interests: “I find something new every day to be interested in and try to find answers for everything. Life is too short not to work your mind every day.”

Pets: Cats: Buddy, Jessa, Dusty, Mycca, Speca and Jolie. Care for feral cats at CatTail Farms: Sable, Frostie, Charcoal, Target, Midnight and Holly

Days off: Crochet, knit, craft, quilt, read, do carpentry work and in summer, yard work. (“I just finished making an eight-foot table on which to do quilting. And that's just the beginning!")

Veterinary Assistants

KathyKathy Johnson, Veterinary Assistant (with TPC since 2005)

BS, Elementary Education; MA, Educational Studies (in progress) Oakland University

Special interests: Helping clients with early disease prevention and detection. Also working with geriatric kitties and hospice care.

Pets: Moochie, lynx point Siamese mix; Mimi, tortie point Siamese mix; Darcy, brown tabby

Days off: On my rare "couch potato days," I enjoy relaxing at home with my cats and pretending I don't have any chores to do or have school papers to correct!


Michele, Receptionist (with TCP since 2000)


Special interests:

Pets: Tony, a brown tabby cat

Days off:

MeganMegan, Receptionist (with TCP since 2006)

Special interests: Cat food and nutrition; cat toys.

Pets: Five cats of all ages.

Days off: Likes cooking, reading and knitting.

Resident Felines

TacoTaco (with TCP Since: 1999)

Interests: Greets clients and their cats in the reception area, grooms himself and sleeps in the printer paper tray. Loves sleeping up front and getting attention from clients.

ChiefChief (with TCP Since: 2003)

Interests: Runs into the reception area even though he’s not supposed to, supervises the adoptable kittens, swats at people and plays in plastic shopping bags. Loves the respect he gets.

FrankieFrankie (with TCP since 2004)

Interests: Picks apart his dry food and eats only hairball control Kibbles; waddles when he walks and eating. Love hairball control Kibble.