In memory of Riley


February 1993 - May 2012

Riley adopted me in April of 1993 during my shift at the Michigan Humane Society. I heard the strongest kitten meow I had ever heard, turned and saw him with all 4 paws hanging on to the cage wires with his nose squeezed between the was love at first sight. Riley was an extremely talkative and playful kitty, he was fast becoming the "boss" of our home. As he became older it was clear he was not going to be a friendly cat with others. Which is why I was so amazed at how he took to Steve, my soon to be husband! Riley was always a very adaptable cat...settling in to our new homes, he moved several times in his life. As long as we were together he was quite content. Then came our daughter, Miranda, it was incredible how gentle, patient and loving he was with her. The two became more than best friends...they were like siblings. He was our constant companion, fun, funny, loving, bossy, talkative and sweet! Our family is still mourning his passing...a year ago today.

Julie Ann Wang

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Riley was such a special boy. It was an honor and privilege to care for him for so many years. I will treasure the memories I have of the incredible bond between Miranda and Riley. -- Cindy

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