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My sweet Melody. They say that dog is a man's best friend. Well, I have to disagree. Through our 14 years together you've shown me what it means to be a true friend. You were by my side through it all. When I felt lost and all alone, you were there to comfort me. I will always cherish our time together, my sweet girl. I knew from our first meeting that we had a connection deeper than most. A soul connection. One that can't be broken even when one of us leave the physical world. I know that your body is failing you now, but I don't want you to be scared, my love. Soon you feel no more pain. I will always be with you, even if you can't see me. I know that you'll have a safe journey, and I'm so grateful to be by your side as you make your transition home. Please know that you're leaving me in good hands, and I'll be ok. I love you so very much. Thank you for 14 beautiful years. Rest easy, my sweet girl.

Lindsay Gearig

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