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December 18, 2008

My daughter, Ellen (age 60), who grew up with a houseful of cats lost her favorite cat 5 years ago and I wrote this poem for her and Basil:

In my garden there's a cat, he's in his favorite place.
And he's munching on a big fruit rat with a smile upon his face.
He's really not a lap cat though he sleeps upon my bed.
And I always find him at my feet when there's catnip to be fed.
His fur is soft and pretty but his voice is very loud.
And I always know just where he is, I could find him in a crowd.
If there's a place where kittys go, and I'm sure that there must be, Basil will be number one for all eternity.
In my garden there's a cat who stole my heart away.
And that is where he'll live with me forever and a day.

Ellen has recently had 4 cats help her through chemotherapy for non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Carol Petersen

Comments and Condolences

What a most beautiful tribute to Basil. These furry friends never leave our heart. -- Cindy

The poem is very sweet and I'm glad Ellen has 4 comforting cats to help her now. Best wishes, Ellen, for completing your chemo and moving into recovery. -- Linda

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